Saturday, June 30, 2012

i don't want your body.

sorry for the brief hiatus on ebay. items will be listed again starting monday, july second!

music: we don't want your body -stars

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

just gettin' good.

sorry for the image-heavy post; i just took a lot of pictures today! i accidentally dyed my hair a little more neon than i wanted it to be, but i've decided i like it both bright and pastel, so i'll just let it do whatever it wants now.
... that's all for now, really.

tee, anthropologie / jeans, tripp (ebay) / creepers, demonia (ebay) / jacket, ragstock

music: mornin' -star slinger

Thursday, June 21, 2012

fields upon fields upon.

tank, gift / skirt, kohl's / spinal body chain, gift / shoes, kelsi dagger

music: urban twilight -grimes

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

life things.

gif maker

i'm feeling frustrated, losing touch with people i once had creative connections with.
i can't wait to go to school for the opportunity to be constantly connected with artistically-minded people. i've been speaking with incoming freshmen, and it excites me to know i'll get the chance to be with those who are driven towards goals like mine and who have the time and acceptance to actually follow through with new ideas and collaborations.

i'm just really, really frustrated with where i'm living in right now because i feel as though i can't channel any sparks of creativity very well. i feel stuck.

i feel stuck.

i've been drawing by myself a lot, spending my time feeling lonely, so i'll try to post the results sometime soon. i also have a few thoughts for picture sets i want to make, but that depends on how successful i can be in finding other people who want to work with me. i really want to work on a project for a freshman opening art show at school this fall, but again, it all depends on finding other people to work with as models. rotoscoping and photography will all take place, hopefully.

a video is also about to be in the making, so i have that to look forward to. my good friend siri is helping me with that, and i never get to work with that type of medium, so i'm very excited on that topic.

more to come soon.

music: i'm terrified of being -ladylike lily

Sunday, June 17, 2012


giveaway coming soon!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

back to black: nighttime.

back to black, again.

this collar was given to me as a gift by a friend my freshman year of high school, and while i've barely worn it, i love that i own it. i don't know that i would have attained it by myself, and it's a definite conversation piece.
this is just another post of all clothes i've owned for years, taking my style back to my core. it's a little more drastic than i usually go-- i don't wear loads of black makeup daily-- but it's fun to play around every once in a while.

as always, i'm trying to build up my stamina for school-- i spend so much time napping sometimes that i really get afraid for how i'm going to handle having classes every day of the week. i've been hula hooping almost daily and working out again, working, walking, running errands... just moving. it's a struggle. on the upside, i just received my class schedule, so i can at least prepare a little more for what's to come!

... terrifying.

until next time,

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my goodness.

crop tee, forever 21 / crossbody bag, thrift / skirt, american apparel / shoes, m.i.a.

music: shoulda known -atmosphere

Saturday, June 9, 2012

ebay thingy things.

hey, folks! so my ebay store, chickadee's closet, is going strong, which is so helpful for all the saving i'm trying to do for school! it's only been a week and people have already been bidding on my clothing, so i'm really happy about it. i've decided i'm going to try to put new items up every week, so check back every weekend for new garments and accessories!

i've just added four new items, although i'm going through a process with ebay so i can list more items at once. hopefully it works!

until next time, here are some outfits out of what i'm selling.

music: kiara -bonobo

Sunday, June 3, 2012

one year and one day!

i started out my friday morning with an appointment at my favorite hair salon, a wonderful place by the name of shear chaos, to bleach out my hair. it was time to say goodbye to my cherry locks and hello to something a little more... summer strawberry.

in addition to dying my hair light pink on a whim, i also decided i wanted to dip-dye a suit of sorts. i've seen all sorts of rorschach-type prints on bodies sauntering down the runway lately, and it made me want to try something. i wanted to do a dye job à la dries van noten, only instead of bleaching the denim, i wanted to turn it black. i wanted to make the black meet in the middle of my body, like a rorschach print. i haven't gotten the fabric quite to black yet, but i have gotten it much darker. i'll process the fabric a second time tomorrow, but for now, here's the before and after of both my hair and my clothing!

also, happy birthday to my blog! this little guy has been up and running for exactly one year and one day today. it's amazing what changes i've been through since i started everything here. i never thought i'd have a job. i never thought i'd be preparing for college, or spending proper time with my friends. i never thought i'd be drawing and reading and focusing on real things.
even though this is a record of my creative endeavors, this blog really does track my whole life. here's to another year and more!

... and as a last note, my ebay store is now officially open!! check it out!

music: maliblue -darius