Wednesday, March 13, 2013


so sorry for the half-month hiatus! i've been wrapped up in a lot of different events. lately, things at school haven't been going great-- school itself was all right, but life was getting in the way, so i'm currently at home and will be for a bit of time, taking a break.

i think a lot of people misunderstand what's going on, so at the bottom of it all, i feel it's important for me to say that i'm trying to rebuild my health, mental and otherwise. past that, it really isn't anyone's business except that i'm taking care of myself right now!

anyway, here are some shots from the past couple of weeks and a few of my outfit from earlier today. snow is still on the ground here, so i envy those in the bay area right now. it was seventy-five fahrenheit there the past day! i guess my current style is mainly what i'd be wearing if i were still in california. black, to match my mood and obviously my soul, with my new favorite offensive hat. watch out, thirteen-year-old goths. i'm a fake-smiling, sulking mess of quarter-life crisis just waiting to stomp all over your favorite hot topic tee, your cross necklaces, and your black lipstick with my false eyelashes and dangerously spiky disco creepers holding on till the very end.

hat, etsy / sunglasses, ragstock / septum ring, amazon / wallet, uo / sexuali-tank, american apparel / shorts, zara / tights, overknees, target / creepers, (jeffrey campbell)

i recently replaced a couple of things in my wardrobe with new staples in my everyday get-up: my wallet and my septum ring. metallic shine with one, pitch black with the other. i had to show them off here. also, i think i should explain how i've started to morph away from the black-and-white theme before i've even really photographed it for a style post. there are parts of me that are always into black and white, but i'm integrating some curious candy-raver clothes that are making little blips of my wardrobe look like bubble yum aliens are taking over my shopping sprees.

the tumblr hipster community would just eat these pieces up, eh?

i'm just letting my imagination run a little bit to try and save myself from that feeling that nothing is coming of my life and that i'll never achieve anything. good ol' thoughts like this have been invading my mindspace, and i'm totally ready to be rid of it. i'm ready to go and laugh some and sleep enough and live a life where i'm not obsessed with what's hurt me for years of my life!

on a brighter note, i'm modeling for my boyfriend's sister tomorrow! it's going to be an all-day thing, and i'm scared and excited. i'll hopefully post more about that soon.

till next time!

music: sacrilege -yeah yeah yeahs