Tuesday, March 27, 2012

soft and pearlescent.

vintage 50s slip, ebay, $16; pearls, mother's; ring, bumblepuppy, $1; coral necklace, ragstock, $8, sunglasses, ragstock, $5.

music: bottom over top -honeybear

inspiration: valentino by deborah turbeville.

from the milkmaid braids to the sheer fabrics to the sunglasses to the necklace/collar combinations, i am in love with this spring's valentino collection. i'm definitely using this as inspiration this year. it appeals to both my love of pastels and my obsession with black. it appeals to my love of lace. and it appeals to my love of deborah turbeville. what romance.

music: tiger -maximum balloon feat. aku

Monday, March 26, 2012

an evening.

downtown with a couple of friends:

the weather is so perfect for layering! i used a hawaiian print button-down from ragstock to warm up when the sun started to go down. and i can finally wear ankle socks without tights again! hail spring.
hat, urban outfitters, $5; glasses, vogue, gift; lawn button-down, american apparel, $40; hawaiian button-down, ragstock, $6; shorts, urban outfitters, $20; ankle socks, dsw, $4; doc martens, thrift, $1.

music: star guitar -shinichi osawa

Sunday, March 25, 2012

frankie mag.

frankie. one day i'm going to work for this particular magazine, whether it means moving to australia for a bit to work in person or collaborating via internet with the folks who run the show.
fashion, food, music, writing, and arts and crafts are the prevalent topics in these little issues, and each one is a treat. i have a subscription in paper just because i love the feel of a book, any kind of book, in my hands, but webpage subscriptions are also available for those who don't have the cash to spare.
these pups are perfect for guys and girls, so hit up the website and support!

music: diplomat's son -vampire weekend

Saturday, March 24, 2012

project fifty-two, part two.

music: strictly game -harlem shakes

hey everyone, it's spring! more to come soon!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

back to black.

how many writers in the blogosphere keep coming up with nothing but This Is The New Garment I Just Bought posts? don't get me wrong, i think it's vital to show new pieces on the market, but isn't a personal style blog better focused on How To Put Looks Together, rather than how many clothes a person has consumed?
i'm tired of the fast fashion as of late-- buying new clothes literally every week to keep up with every trend and to sate spending cravings. i still have interest in buying pieces, but i feel so much more specific about shopping now that when i walk into a store, i feel half-inspired and half-bored, which scares me. it makes me feel as though i'm losing touch with my fashion interest. ... but then, i realize i just need to reorganize my closet for a solid spring cleaning. rather than so much spending, i need a fresh outlook on my trend interests of each season combined with my generic personal style. i need new combinations of well-loved items.

this is Back To Black, the first of many posts to display just what the heart of my personal style leans towards. looking back through the years, i've always been more inclined towards black, but i do have my twists and turns as i get bored with the monochrome. at the bottom of it all, though, i feel a combination of both gothically inclined and romantic, and it shows. in black.

exhibit a.

music: lonely boy -the black keys

Sunday, March 4, 2012

running around like sprites in slips and tights.

i love making new friends, but i also love making new-old friends. those people i get to know and then fall out of touch with, the people i make the effort to know again, often become the closest to me. i did this shoot with budding photographer and old friend danielle before ducking in to a local coffee shop to grab a mean nicaraguan dark roast for warmth. we wore the same sparkle & fade brand slip in different colors and ended up shooting outside together in thirty-degree temperatures, and even though i was struggling with the feeling in my hands by the end, i haven't had such a good time in a while. my social life is riding smoothly again, my school life is promising, and my work life is rewarding.

an indie playlist i just downloaded introduced me to grimes, and i haven't been able to stop listening to this post's song. singer grimes, a.k.a. claire boucher, has a charming lisp and a fair voice that lilts over her electronic beats. her music makes me think of a world beyond, and her videos give me the same chill. she's a force to reckon with.

until next time,

music: crystal ball -grimes