Friday, April 27, 2012


dress, $30, nastygal / circle scarf, gift, american apparel / ring, $3, ragstock / mary jane wedges, $30, dsw.

music: staircase -radiohead

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

an insecurity.

usually, i edit my photos at least a little bit for shame of my skin. i decided to do a mini-shoot with my new cardigan from bumblepuppy's flea market without editing any shots, and in the end, it looked a little american-apparel style, just more flawed. i can only get over my self-consciousness in part by baring this.

also, it turns out i'm going to see the red hot chili peppers at lollapalooza this year! another band that's playing is called chairlift; i hadn't heard of them until recently, but i'm going to be seeing them as well. many other performances included. very excited.

music: amanaemonesia -chairlift

Sunday, April 22, 2012


some garments came in for me, late birthday gifts, and i'll be posting those over the next few days. the first is this beautiful pair of crown vintage wedges from dsw. the top of the right shoe is slightly uncomfortable, but i can tell it will break in with a little bit of wear.

in heavier news--
in the past week, three people i've known have passed. once upon a time, i would have holed myself up in my room and just lingered on bad feelings instead of feeling the life and energy around me. i started to do the former this time. in the end, though, i reached out to friends, and they've all been incredibly supportive. now i just want to help everyone else as much as i can.

i've been going to work and the gym during the day, mostly, and i've also been taking pictures. i noticed that i need to start drawing more-- i've been neglecting my personal style project, so i need to get back to that, and when i do, i'll post pictures from it again.

today, i'm going to the flea market with my mother and doing some serious cleaning to my wreck of a room. next weekend, i'm going to a ska show in another city. distractions. i just want to feel all right for now.

hair tie, gift, american apparel; thermal, gift, free people; jeans + altered, $5, thrift; tights; wedges, gift, dsw.

music: someone great -lcd soundsystem

Thursday, April 19, 2012

il gatto selvatico.

it's the outfit of the day-- i found a great truck to shoot with. it was all smashed with a license place from '67, and it had great character. my kind of car.
my necklace is from an etsy store linked below; i highly recommend it.

necklace, $22, il gatto selvatico; chambray men's shirt, $2, thrift; tank, $5, ragstock; jeans, $30, cheap monday; wedges, $30, old navy; laces, gift, doc martens.
i went with my friend jame to see death cab for cutie on sunday. it was third row, with an accompanying orchestra, and it was wonderful. i didn't know that i'd enjoy a sit-down, sleepy-music show, but it was more emotional than anything, and i'm really glad i went. plus, the whole band is super funny.
for a slightly different genre, this song has been stuck in my head for days, and now it will be stuck in yours. you're welcome.

music: little talks -of monsters and men

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

just a realization.

i started out this week hearing that one of my brother's friends from college passed away. it might have shaken me knowing that any other person he'd known had died, but this particular friend was so kind to me-- the little sister-- and he was so full of joy that his passing really took me out of myself. i'm feeling excited about many things in the future, but at the same time, i'm feeling such grief that's backed up by my still-unresolved grief of losing my best friend to a car accident.

to distract myself, i've been looking up live music for the spring and summer, and i'm going to work tomorrow and a death cab for cutie concert on sunday. i'm also looking at summerfest in milwaukee and lollapalooza in, of course, chicago.

oddly, in mourning, i'm wearing pastel colors, painting my nails lilac and wearing easter-colored chiffons, maybe to counteract my feelings at the moment.

anyway, other things in my life are going pretty well-- i'm getting bored and chilled from outside, but i can change that. i'm trying to break myself from caffeine a little bit because i keep going through the cycle of being hyped up and then crashing, and i'm also trying to rely on myself just as a person a little bit more. dependency can be a terrible thing.

just a realization.

until next time,

music: light up my room -barenaked ladies

Monday, April 9, 2012

dad's jacket.

i just couldn't wait to put on my new swimsuit from american apparel, so i've been wearing it around the house with a forever 21 necklace and my dad's old college windbreaker, with my eyes doused in raccoon eyeliner. i'm a little weird sometimes.

by the way, the dreaded monokini turned out to be pretty good this year.

music: barbra streisand -duck sauce

Thursday, April 5, 2012

it's your birthday party. happy birthday, darling. we love you very, very, very, very, very, very much.

just the birthday outfit for today.

tee, gift; sweater, target, $10; cosby sweater bloomers, ragstock + tailor; tights; over-the-knees, target; brogues, h&m, $20.

music: her new touch -the bird day

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

victorian drapes, victorian garden.

hey all, it's been a pretty smooth turn of the month, and now a rush of things are happening-- april fool's, easter, and a load of birthdays including my own! i bought myself a camera as a present for my own hard work over the past year, because exactly one year ago, i was not in a good place. i was crying a lot for no reason, and i put myself in the hospital due to poor medication and troublesome psychological issues. i've grown so much since then.
these pictures are mostly just an outlet for my boredom on this cool april night, but they're a little bit of a details shot of my outfit for the day, which i will hopefully post in full on lookbook tomorrow. my mother bought me these tights on ebay a while back, and i just never wore them until today. they remind me of victorian drapes, so to match the romance, i paired my collared lawn shirt-- this american apparel one i've been obsessing over-- with a little silver floral necklace. i threw on a pair of black levi daisy duke's to rough up the look.

did anyone get a good april fool's? or good easter candy?

until next time,
music: dark of the matinee -franz ferdinand