Tuesday, April 3, 2012

victorian drapes, victorian garden.

hey all, it's been a pretty smooth turn of the month, and now a rush of things are happening-- april fool's, easter, and a load of birthdays including my own! i bought myself a camera as a present for my own hard work over the past year, because exactly one year ago, i was not in a good place. i was crying a lot for no reason, and i put myself in the hospital due to poor medication and troublesome psychological issues. i've grown so much since then.
these pictures are mostly just an outlet for my boredom on this cool april night, but they're a little bit of a details shot of my outfit for the day, which i will hopefully post in full on lookbook tomorrow. my mother bought me these tights on ebay a while back, and i just never wore them until today. they remind me of victorian drapes, so to match the romance, i paired my collared lawn shirt-- this american apparel one i've been obsessing over-- with a little silver floral necklace. i threw on a pair of black levi daisy duke's to rough up the look.

did anyone get a good april fool's? or good easter candy?

until next time,
music: dark of the matinee -franz ferdinand

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