Tuesday, February 28, 2012


sorry for the lack of updates-- i've been really busy with a lot of different things!
anyway, last week, i went thrifting and picked up this amazing bag from goodwill. i was actually looking for a pair of shoes with a similar oxblood color, but i decided on this bag because it was so cheap and also because of the unique, structured shape. i've been looking for some structure in my life.

in more important updates: i have great news. it turns out i made it into the school i applied to! i'm really nervous, but really excited, just like all freshmen should be. i don't know what to do with myself.
i've also been doing really well at work and have been able to dress mannequins and do what i love best. my hours are also going up.
so all in all, a lot of my life is going really well. i've had a streak of the Bad February, and things like school and work bring this month up a few points. i'm having a bit of a struggle with my social life, but that i can work on.

until next time,

music: still wild -gooseflesh

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

just a child getting into momma's makeup.

all makeup, stila and urban decay, two of my very favorite brands. along with duo eyelash adhesive, i was able to make things really pop. i dug into my tons of makeup to... well, look like a crazy person. it worked.

also, those are my new shoes! i'll post better pictures later.

music: in five years (niva remix) -palpitation

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

project fifty-two, part one.

i was somewhat inspired by fifi lapin's drawings and began to record-- rather than runway looks-- the next fifty-two personal stylings i'm happy with at the end of the day.
why fifty-two? it seemed like a pretty good number at the time.

open the images in new tabs for higher resolution.
music: costume party -two-door cinema club

Monday, February 13, 2012

dare i look down at my hands and think,

i've had very little work lately, so my time has been taken up with drawing, reading, and thinking about things by myself. i have to keep getting up early and planning my days, and i have to start socializing more on my own. lack of structure in my life only leads to illness.

part of my time has been taken up by studying new york fashion week, but i'm feeling a little out of the mix this season. i'm sure my interest will kick in once i find that one incredible collection, but i'm just feeling uninspired by the runway and what's showing up on blogs lately.
all of this has led to work on a new illustration project focused on my day-to-day style as of late. i'll post the first part of it next time.

i've also just received a pair of soft, comfortable loafers in the mail that i'm wearing around the house right now-- i'll be posting about those, too. in a way, they're knockoffs of louboutins. how does everyone feel about knockoffs of runway shoes? i'm sick of the typical jeffrey campbell platform shape showing up on every fashion blog, but i feel there has to be a line somewhere that creates more affordable shoes for people with my income.

anyway, until next time, some brand new tunes.

music: shutter speed -little lights

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


all makeup, stila; blazer, urban outfitters; bra and blouse, ragstock; jeans, forever21; wedges, gift

music: these days -nico

Saturday, February 4, 2012

le forme.

i am finished with applying for this fall semester of college.
for now, i just want to see if i can make it in.
the sunlight has come out to help me breathe.

music: nocturne no. 2 in e flat major -vladimir ashkenazy (frédéric chopin)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

nineties style.

jeans, overalls, florals, and docs. i'm listening to my nineties playlist over and over again.
hype me on lookbook here.

music: closing time -semisonic

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

san francisco shopping.

shorts, vintage levi's, wasteland vintage; necklace, locally handmade, needles and pens.

a few more shops to check out, complete with art galleries, terrariums, and hippies: x generation, buffalo exchange, and wasteland on haight street; adobe books, needles and pens, paxton gate, idol vintage, and more in the mission district! some places are more pricey than others, but i definitely picked up a card from paxton gate-- primarily a taxidermy shop-- so i can order a fox skull as a drawing form in the near future.
every tiny shop is a wonder all its own. the valencia and sixteenth street crossways are one to remember-- and the food! authentic japanese and mexican food has never made my tummy so pleased.
these up-and-coming districts are those i want to live in. the creativity is overflowing, and it washes over me and gives me a new sense of direction. it just makes me crave the nearest sketchpad, the nearest camera. i love it.

music: palm of your hand -cake

that's it, surprise.

i received a lot of requests about my diet and exercise and How I Do It after posting new pictures of myself online. this is an extremely complicated question to answer.

when i lost my best friend three and a half years ago, i felt a void. where did i feel it? in my stomach. i ate and ate and ate to try to fill the hole she left behind, but it was never good enough. if i pictured my stomach, it took up infinite space. i ended up gaining over thirty pounds.

to counteract what was going on, i tried exercising and then overexercising whilst undereating. i damaged my body. it took me several enormous panic attacks brought on by malnutrition to recognize that i had a problem.

in the past year, however, i've learned a lot more about how to keep myself healthy. i went from being a little bit overweight to being underweight to being approximately 120 pounds every day. i picked up hula hooping, an abs routine, running, and yoga. i still struggle with thoughts of disgust over myself and what results from that, but i'm learning to be happy with my body. there are so many factors in any eating disorder that can't be explained with a single blog post, but my main factors were feelings of Helplessness and Loneliness. things i can Do something about. and i'm doing something about it.

i hope this answers your questions. leave a message somewhere if it doesn't.

music: hide and seek -imogen heap