Wednesday, July 25, 2012

fall preview.

first outfit: bowler hat, ebay / shirt, urban outfitters (ss04) / jacket, gap / shorts, etsy / creepers, demonia

second outfit: mesh button-down, american apparel / sweater, mother's / pendant, atomickatz vintage / skirt, american apparel, shoes, h&m

third outfit: beanie, thrift / flannel, ragstock / tank, obey (ss08) / shorts, urban outfitters / boots, doc martens

while it's too warm in the midwest u.s. to be wearing all this, i decided to throw these clothing sets together for school this fall. i'll just add tights for the chilly moments, and throw them in my school bag-- a gifted dark brown messenger-- if it warms up.

i love dressing for fall as everything has to be in layers. even my winter will be this way, living in san francisco, except i might have to throw a heavy coat on over everything. i hope i have more days where i don't have to do that, as i hate to cover up whatever i've selected for the day.

anyway, this is about as Grunge as i get. i've seen so many people debate the definition of grunge style online, and literally, i'd probably say that it means unintentionally looking like kurt cobain and smelling up something awful, but i firmly believe that i can mix in some nineties flair to my wardrobe and still... wash my clothes.

also, i promise i will get that give-away up by the end of this week! expect sunnies and something simply prada.


music: hell (cover) -streetlight manifesto

Monday, July 23, 2012


upon making my list of clothes to take to california (so difficult!), i decided i needed one party dress, one black dress, one white dress, and one mixed color dress. i've chosen a free people dress that will no doubt appear on this blog-- it's beautiful and embroidered and just perfect-- a black urban dress with lace detail, the dress below from nastygal, and a thrifted nineties minidress with khaki, gingham, and sunflower details.

the dress i'm wearing in these pictures is so comfortable. it's so comfy that i can pair it with a hat in ninety-degree weather and still be cool and ready to go. i'll probably pile vintage vests and necklaces on top in the cooler weather, adding tights and keeping hats tightly attached to my head.

the cowboy boots i'm sporting are probably my favorite find from ragstock. although the store unfortunately carries limited stock online and only has stores in the midwest, it's absolutely worth the trip for their cowboy boots, wide arrange of unique sunglasses, used clothing, new clothing, vintage hippie wear... you name it, chances are, they've got it. they even carry gorilla suits. it's crazy stuff! i love it.

beanie, ragstock / sunnies, ragstock / dress, nastygal / boots, ragstock

i'll leave you with a little gogol bordello, which i listened to during shooting these pictures. enjoy!

music: pala tute -gogol bordello

Saturday, July 21, 2012



just an outfit post for today. sorry for the delay on the giveaway-- i just have yet to take pictures of the prize! i really have been down and sick and not able to do much outside sleeping and briefly being on the computer. soon, though!

seamless top, free people / vest, urban outfitters (thistlepearl) / ring, gift / jeans, cheap monday / wedges, dsw (crown vintage) / bag, thrift

music: go on, say it -blind pilot

Friday, July 20, 2012


just the latest buys. i've made my last couple of purchases before i keep all of my money for san francisco!

i've been listening to the decemberists song on this post over and over again-- being quite ill, i'm in the mood for quieter music, and this is about as loud and raucous as it gets for now. i'm just getting to posting pictures from the past week, in fact; i've had severe bouts of anxiety that i'm pretty sure are related to leaving for school. so for now, it's resting time.

all for today,

music: odalisque -the decemberists

Saturday, July 14, 2012

it's a birthday kind of day!

so, trends.

i haven't been keeping up much on trends and runways because i've needed to get away from it all. everything was starting to seem so cliche and cluttered into little bunches of If You're This Type Of Person You'll Wear This Trend This Season. i've seen the body chains, the peplum, the mirrored prints, the spikes, the studs-- Heavy Metal, yes, it's been done by dozens of blogs-- the dip dying, the emphasized shirt collars, the ankle-strap shoes, and more. when a girl is involved in the fashion blogosphere, she can't help but notice these things at least a little bit. in fact, i've been dragged into nearly buying a structured peplum dress, a mirrored-print skirt, and oh-so-many body chains, but i've held back because i'm trying to keep my college wardrobe simple and chic with a tiny drop of a gothic twist.

it might be argued that i have spiked jewelry, studded flats, a leather collar, and a spiked-collar button-down, and i'm therefore following trends, which i suppose is true, but mainly, it's just been easier for me this season to find pieces that fit my fancy. coming from a youth of dressing like a mix of seventies punk, nineties grunge, and new-age goth, i'm naturally drawn towards the harsh, eclectic mix that happens to be currently considered fashionable.

i do, however, have pieces that i feel are timeless to the outside fashion world-- in particular, printed black milk leggings. i nearly have a pair for every day of the week, although my next purchase will hopefully be of a matte black catsuit if not a pair of alphonse mucha leggings.

for today, i dressed in one of my latest pairs of black milk legwear, a garment printed with gustav klimt's The Kiss, or Der Kuss, in honor of the artist's one-hundred-fiftieth birthday.

shirt, forever 21 (altered) / necklace, artasia / leggings, black milk clothing / boots, ragstock

music: tokyo (vampires and wolves) bulls remix -the wombats

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

fourth of ju-ly.

no makeup, roasting in ninety-seven-degree weather. i couldn't resist wearing this amazing band jacket, though; it's just too perfect.

also, i thought i'd let everyone know that my ebay store is refreshed-- there are some new items up, and i'll be keeping the store more stocked over the next month in an attempt to sell about fifty more garments, including shoes.

watch out for a give-away in a couple of entries!
music: sunshinin' -the vine