Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

i am a galaxy.
my roommate is a raccoon.
and i have no idea what i'm doing still for halloween.
except maybe going trick-or-treating,
and then giving my candy to some little kids or something.
or maybe i'll do nothing.

have a good halloween, everyone!

sweatshirt, mr. goo goo and miss goo / leggings, black milk clothing / shoes, dsw / alien glowstick necklace, cvs

Saturday, October 27, 2012

october end.

this isn't my halloween costume, but i really needed a break from studying.
happy halloween weekend!

till next time,

music: w -mr. oizo

Friday, October 26, 2012

smilin', smilin'.

roomie pictures with a fujifilm instax mini.

i didn't get to take pictures of my outfit that day, but i did really want to get pictures of my hair-- i was wearing it all wrapped up like bear ears with my floral headband-- and then my roommate was there and we just took pictures of each other because it's just straight fun with instant film cameras.

now, i'm balancing a tiny bit of halloween fun with intense sessions of midterm studying for my last test on monday. i have a little bit more free time on my hands now because i decided to take one of my classes another semester. i'm focusing more on how to take care of myself and pursue personal creative endeavors while still having a really set schedule.

but anyway, pictures. my roommate is forever lovely.

sidenote: i need to find a solid pink watercolor brush pen so i can make paper mini-me's again, this time with pink hair instead of red. time for more illustrations.

anyway, all for now,

music: dancing shoes -arctic monkeys

Sunday, October 21, 2012


i don't like neon. i don't like it, i don't like it, i don't i don't i don't. i've always stuck my nose up at neon colors on most garments, finding them too sports-chic for my style, so when i found this skirt, i was totally confused at the fact that i was in love. i put up excuses, like maybe the kitsch of the hawaiian print was what made me put up with the neon or something, but there's no getting past it... i like the brightness of the yellow, blue, and green against the black. it's a huge contrast to my mainly-monochromatic wardrobe, and besides, i so wanted prints in my life. this skirt's also a skater skirt, it's high-waisted, it's a mini, it's pretty-ugly, and it FITS me... so it checks off a lot of boxes otherwise.

i put the crazy with a lot of black-and-white-- a graphic tee and a blazer-- to sober things a little. i'm an adult, you know. i have to be taken seriously.

blazer, thrift / shirt, vintage / skirt, forever 21 / tights, forever 21 / shoes, demonia (ebay)

also, wearing this thing made me realize that hey, my hair is pink. my hair is neon. so i should probably get over being so stuck up about some clothes and open my eyes. no wonder i get so bored in fashion sometimes.

till next time,

music: how bizarre -omc

Friday, October 19, 2012

outfit and a little look home.

just a picture vomit. enjoy! more later.

a few shots my mother sent from a disposable from back home:

dress, pac sun / floral headband, gift / shoes, t.j.maxx.

drawings and hopefully some film photos to come soon.

till next time,

music: where is my mind -the pixies

Sunday, October 14, 2012


i've asked a few strangers on campus for their picture next time i pass them with a camera because i like their personal styles, so i can't wait to start toting my point-and-shoot around with me. i just hope i can get some good pictures. i'm excited and nervous.

here are a few test snaps for a film photography project dealing with psychological disorders in the form of body landscape shots. click click click for higher resolution.

till next time,


marc jacobs style.

short and sweet, you guys.

inspired by a marc jacobs ad from a few seasons past.

points to whoever gets the reference!

lipstick, lime crime / scarf, american apparel / dress, thrift / tights, gift / wolf ring, gift / other rings, bumblepuppy resale

also, i'm obsessed with this lipstick from lime crime that my mother sent me. it acts like a really intense tinted chapstick-- moisturizing and saturated. i now own a black variety as well. i usually can't deal with lipstick because of how it gets everywhere, but this is an amazing creation. check it out.

leaving you with a bit of house my friend from school showed me. erim franci.

till next time,

music: velvet -erim franci

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

spare change.

so, as the idea goes, i'm spending the last few days in my dorm, because i'm moving to another building on campus. a new roommate, a new room, so that's exciting and interesting, and i'll miss what's going on here, but it isn't like i'm moving far away. i just have to cope and handle these changes-- i make them a way bigger deal than they have to be sometimes. and some changes can be wonderful.

... also, i'm sneaking in a picture of my outfit today because it's simple and i can.

lipstick, lime crime / head chain, etsy / tee, anthropologie / jeans, cheap monday / shoes, dsw

i've been sleeping so poorly the past week and a half or so, waking up at weird hours and sleeping in the middle of the day and acting like a zombie, but i think things are better right now.

expect new actual street fashion soon-- that part of the blog's been a little m.i.a., but it's coming back!

till next time,

music: crazy -gnarls barkley

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

reaching up.

feeling a bit ill lately, hopefully better soon.

all for now,

music: upward over the mountain -iron & wine