Friday, October 26, 2012

smilin', smilin'.

roomie pictures with a fujifilm instax mini.

i didn't get to take pictures of my outfit that day, but i did really want to get pictures of my hair-- i was wearing it all wrapped up like bear ears with my floral headband-- and then my roommate was there and we just took pictures of each other because it's just straight fun with instant film cameras.

now, i'm balancing a tiny bit of halloween fun with intense sessions of midterm studying for my last test on monday. i have a little bit more free time on my hands now because i decided to take one of my classes another semester. i'm focusing more on how to take care of myself and pursue personal creative endeavors while still having a really set schedule.

but anyway, pictures. my roommate is forever lovely.

sidenote: i need to find a solid pink watercolor brush pen so i can make paper mini-me's again, this time with pink hair instead of red. time for more illustrations.

anyway, all for now,

music: dancing shoes -arctic monkeys

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