Saturday, July 27, 2013

midas talons.

i haven't posted in a bit, have i?

i've been keeping my nails long all summer, which is bad for playing piano and texting but good for looking terrifying and amazing and also good for back scratches.

i decided to update my look a little bit with some color. i love changing my nail or hair color; i think it adds an interesting challenge to putting a look together, and it adds depth to whatever i come up with. i decided on a gold metallic polish by hard candy and added a bit of extra sparkle on the ends with pure ice's "endless fortune" polish. i burned a little patchouli incense and listened to good music late at night, and it was wonderfully relaxing.

large ring, free people / silver ring, etsy / bracelet, vintage

after setting the atmosphere, i painted a base coat, then two thin coats of hard candy polish, and i mixed the sparkles near the end. i then painted a top coat and proceeded to be more successful than i've ever been at not smudging the finished product! i think relaxing into the process helps.

a great thing about the gold color is that i don't wear it often, so putting it on my nails makes me reevaluate jewelry-- i love to mix golds, silvers, and bronzes, and this inspired me to do so today. i put one silver midi ring on my other hand.

it's strange how much more prepared i feel for the day with painted nails. it's definitely worth it to treat myself.

music: luxury -azealia banks

Sunday, July 14, 2013

coyote poetry and shooting with alacrity photography!

i spent my evening eating raspberry-and-chocolate soy ice cream on the main downtown drag before meeting up with the duo that is alacrity photography! also, i got to listen to a super swell poem written by a friend. the perks of sitting outside of a coffee shop in this weather are great.

oh, and i got to do a thing with my new hair, courtesy of my boyfriend's sister, kendra, who is endlessly  creative and talented with hair and makeup.

here are some shots from today!

floral hairpiece, gift / dress, f21 / harmonica necklace, etsy / rings, etsy / shoes, anthropologie (ebay) / backpack, ebay

and a last note--

as a blog that doesn't focus as much on sociopolitical issues, i don't think i'm able to come up with the proper words... but as a human who is investing a lot of time to learn and talk about these issues, i do think i need to express how much anger i feel over recent events regarding trayvon martin. my heart aches for the injustice in tonight's news. there is so much we have to stand up for.

till next time.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

i can feel your smile.

just a few quick shots today because i've been super lazy about posting. i'm really trying to get into the habit of it again, but i guess it's just a gradual thing for me right now.

anyway, here's my pup and some clothes!

hat, urban outfitters / shirt, handmade / skirt, macy's / boots (not pictured) jeffrey campbell coltranes

i was really happy to have found this skirt for a fraction of the cost these things usually are. i tried a sort of similar skirt at free people in boston that sat funny on my body-- i think there was an excess of fabric near the bottom that made me look like a horse-- and was so happy to stumble upon this one a few weeks later! normally, waterfall skirts are a bit weird for me and make me feel short, but this one's good stuff.

actually, this whole outfit is kind of a free people knock-off. the tee was patterned off something i saw on sale from them for more than i wanted to pay, so i just made my own!

i had to stand in the kiddie pool to get nova in.. i used to practice this when he was a puppy by stepping into a box and getting out, and then he'd copy me. i love this dog, and i realized that i want to try to work with animals more, so i'm going to submit a volunteer application to the humane society soon!

music: iris -goo goo dolls

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


nice to see people are still with me! i've taken a break from blogging and documenting outfits because i've felt pretty down on myself the past few months. since i came home from school, i've felt really guilty both for coming home from school and for working on my disordered eating, especially since the latter changed my body type a bit and was kind of detrimental to the confidence i'd built up since starting work at ragstock.

a lot of people don't really understand the guilt trips i go through over choosing whether or not to eat or to exercise away what i've consumed, and i don't really know how to explain it. it's just been a source for calmness for me for months into years. i still feel bad about my looks and emotions a lot of the time.

someone recently was quizzical towards my interests in fashion and makeup and wondered why, if i'm a feminist, i would care about it at all. it's the same frustrating standpoint that people take of Woman Wants To Be Anything So She Has To Be Everything, the kind of view that a feminist wouldn't want to be a housewife-- it's so typically feminine. so why would i be into fashion? it's stereotypically girly.

i feel like it's one of the least helpful perspectives people attach to feminism. when people ask me why i'm interested in a stereotype, i can't help but think that they've completely missed the idea. i mean.. who.. cares? as long as i have options, it's a non-point.

it isn't for you.

it's for me.


happiness is love necklace, thrift / dress, hazel / watch, gift / shoes, h&m

i wish i could gather my thoughts and express all the frustrations i've had in the past few months regarding human rights, but there's so much that i'll have to keep writing about it when something comes up. it's just become a huge interest to me, and every time someone tries to shut me down, i realize how important it is.

anyway, here's a frilly new outfit. old shoes and accessories, new dress. i kind of feel like a parfait in this dress, but in a good way? it's just like a sweet lemon meringue concoction, definitely lighter than my normal dress code, to celebrate summer being here in full swing.

i hope to actually be posting more. it's hard to go from the bay area back to wisconsin and keep inspired, but i'm going to try to post once or twice a week now.