Wednesday, July 10, 2013

i can feel your smile.

just a few quick shots today because i've been super lazy about posting. i'm really trying to get into the habit of it again, but i guess it's just a gradual thing for me right now.

anyway, here's my pup and some clothes!

hat, urban outfitters / shirt, handmade / skirt, macy's / boots (not pictured) jeffrey campbell coltranes

i was really happy to have found this skirt for a fraction of the cost these things usually are. i tried a sort of similar skirt at free people in boston that sat funny on my body-- i think there was an excess of fabric near the bottom that made me look like a horse-- and was so happy to stumble upon this one a few weeks later! normally, waterfall skirts are a bit weird for me and make me feel short, but this one's good stuff.

actually, this whole outfit is kind of a free people knock-off. the tee was patterned off something i saw on sale from them for more than i wanted to pay, so i just made my own!

i had to stand in the kiddie pool to get nova in.. i used to practice this when he was a puppy by stepping into a box and getting out, and then he'd copy me. i love this dog, and i realized that i want to try to work with animals more, so i'm going to submit a volunteer application to the humane society soon!

music: iris -goo goo dolls

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