Tuesday, January 22, 2013

it isn't pretty.

for ages, there have been complaints circulating the blogosphere about the content of personal fashion blogs. what exactly goes into them and what people pick out of them to support is so controversial. i keep reading that the most successful bloggers are the "typically pretty," the "ones with long hair," the "professional pictures," etc.

it might be that many current cultures register certain bloggers as models and confuse the two, but i think the personal fashion blog is a completely different world from the editorial magazine. i don't think it's necessary to pick at the bones and say that the two can't be mixed, like i've heard before, but i do believe that there should be a certain amount of tangibility to the personal fashion blog. i like pictures that are taken by the blogger, or when the blogger actually writes something, over a bunch of photos taken by someone else with few or no words. that's why blogs like the man repeller or the fashion pirate are so wonderful-- there's a personality to each of them, and while they put current trends and opinions out there, they aren't trend victims (let's say, a pair of litas for every post, baroque print, galaxy print, and SO MANY CROSS NECKLACES... but those are just my current bothers).

when someone told me my pictures looked like a certain brand's catalogue, i was caught between feeling flattered and offended: to me, it meant i had a professional potential, but i was also afraid i had some glossy, untouchable look. but then i realized, is the glossy thing a negative point? am i really so pretentious that i require a certain style of picture to pass as a "real" blogger? i forever have an evolving look, and my drawing is also always moving forward, so why shouldn't i have evolving abilities in my photography?

anyway, i hope my photography is gradually evolving to a better state. i'm trying to learn how to accept the change.

here are some photos from this morning. it's the new semester, and i have my first class this evening, so i obviously had to take First Day Photos. not your typical kindergarten ones. i'm happier than i look, i promise!

makeup, sephora / nail polish, essie / ring, vintage / collar pin, etsy / romper, wasteland vintage / mesh dress, american apparel / tights / over-the-knees, gift / creepers, gift

i bought this romper for peanuts at wasteland in the haight the other day. someone tye-dyed a diane von furstenburg jumpsuit and cut the legs off, and the result is just so weird it's gorgeous in my eyes. with the bottoms cuffed just so, it fits me perfectly. also, i'm wearing a lot more eye makeup now (meaning i'm wearing makeup) because my hair is so light i look like a ghost otherwise. a hair change is on the way, though, coming in the mail!


post soon,

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

time waster / coffee drinker / pretender / dreamer

i'm wearing my summer clothes inside as loungewear because, as nice as the snow is, i'm wishing for some warmer weather again. i guess it's pretty good timing that i'm going back to california in just a few days! i'm already missing the midwest, so i'm enjoying it in abundance today with my boyfriend by going for a long nature walk until we freeze, hopefully followed by some cozy atmosphere at a thai food restaurant downtown.

i should probably actually get dressed soon-- first hiking clothes and then something more dressy-- but for another hour, i'll stick to my shorts and crop top, drinkin' my coffee as always.

bralette, free people / shorts, etsy

i've been having a lot of good conversations with people, so i want to post something a little more substantial soon. stay tuned!

music: rocks and daggers -noah & the whale

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

zooey style.

hello all,

just sharing a dress from a wonderful little shop called dainty daisies. if you're in the area, check them out! lots of good vintage and hand-mades. definitely worth a look around. i couldn't resist this cute little zooey-deschanel-style number, even though it isn't my usual type of dress-- i'm happy to branch out a bit. in love!

dress, dainty daisies

till soon!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

comfy cozy cosby kid.

just a quick outfit post today!
staying warm in my ragstock vintage sweater and hand-studded blouse, topped off with a hat (of the free variety, what better?) and tights. pretty basic.

oh, yes. and i'm blonde, just replacing the last bits of color in my hair with toner for a grey-silver shade. new times, good times. i'm basically giving myself the granny look. and i love it.

makeup, nars / hat, dad's / blouse (altered), t.j. maxx / sweater, ragstock / shorts, tripp / tights / socks / platforms, h&m

music: oslo in the summertime -of montreal

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


1. the hippie (the janis joplin): scarf, vintage / glasses, ragstock / necklace, mom's / dress, thrift / belt, gift / pants, f21
2. the charlotte gainsbourg: tank, gift / bracelet, gift (pixie market) / jeans, ?

3. the prep: shirt, urban outfitters / shorts, f21
4. the grunge rocker: flannel, ragstock / jacket, dad's / thigh-highs, target

5. the punk: blazer, thrift / vest, thrift / dress, f21 / docs, gift
6. the american apparel girl: tank and skirt, american apparel

7. the street goth: body chain, ? / tank, gift / leggings, black milk clothing / coat, gift (zara)
8. the blogger: romper, pixiemarket / necklace, urban outfitters

just for laughs because i have a veritable dress-up box of clothing due to all of the things i've cycled through and don't wear very much anymore.

all for now!

Monday, January 7, 2013

twenties at twenty years.

i came across these photos of women from the 1920s and decided it was going to be a twenties kind of day. within my wardrobe, i have the ability to fit any decade of the past hundred years, so why not? i never don the cloche-and-dropwaist-skirt ensemble, so i thought i'd try it.

for all the care that i put into dressing myself, i don't "dress up" that often-- i don't wear very much makeup, and i've only recently considered accessories more thoroughly. this was a definite one-eighty from what i'm used to, but it was nice. way more cutesy, but at the same time, more elegant than i guess my back-to-basics look is. i'm only imagining a party with the lights dimmed low and the music jammin' as ever.

turband, vintage / locket, gift / dress, american apparel / coat, vintage / shoes, matiko / lipstick, lime crime

and love for my grandmother, who left my family many things like this beautiful coat. she was born in 1904 and was my age right in the middle of the twenties. people tell me i look like she did. i'd like to pretend i'm her on this sun-glared day.

till next time,

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Saturday, January 5, 2013


a look into my bedroom. honestly, half of it's a mess, but half of it is filled with all the quiet things that explain some of the little things about me. from the incense and holder from thailand, to my japanese daruma doll heads, to my flea market deer skull and beyond. all of the quiet things, the favorite things. the things i love to come home and touch just to remind myself that there are solid little parts of my life that remain even when a person is physically gone.

quiet things.

beanie, american apparel / tank, ragstock / skirt, gift

all for now,

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