Monday, January 7, 2013

twenties at twenty years.

i came across these photos of women from the 1920s and decided it was going to be a twenties kind of day. within my wardrobe, i have the ability to fit any decade of the past hundred years, so why not? i never don the cloche-and-dropwaist-skirt ensemble, so i thought i'd try it.

for all the care that i put into dressing myself, i don't "dress up" that often-- i don't wear very much makeup, and i've only recently considered accessories more thoroughly. this was a definite one-eighty from what i'm used to, but it was nice. way more cutesy, but at the same time, more elegant than i guess my back-to-basics look is. i'm only imagining a party with the lights dimmed low and the music jammin' as ever.

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and love for my grandmother, who left my family many things like this beautiful coat. she was born in 1904 and was my age right in the middle of the twenties. people tell me i look like she did. i'd like to pretend i'm her on this sun-glared day.

till next time,

music: sleeping lessons -the shins

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