Monday, November 26, 2012

notes on the hipster.

there's this notion that if you pick a look-- punk, girly, yourself as a child, yourself as madonna, whatever-- you're being Hipster. and that's a bad thing. throwing the word out the window and just looking at the concept, who says that picking a look is a bad thing? being able to reach into your bag of tricks and pick out a complete, one-hundred-eighty degree turn from how you appeared the other day, how is that bad?

i've tried to whittle down my wardrobe to having the Perfect Shirt, the Perfect Wedges, the Perfect Blazer, and having it all fit into one "category," essentially one stereotype, because it felt clean and polished, but i can't, maybe because i'm too into consumerism. do i like the buy? sure, but it isn't about that. do i have pieces that i've kept forever and ever because they just work for me? yes, of course, but not one of them is the perfect, crisp white button-down. they're all a little bizarre; they're one-offs. i'm never satisfied with those model-off-duty casual pieces, and i guess maybe if i were, they'd be too expensive for me right now, anyway.

but in any case, why do people get all uppity about needing everyone to have one look all the time? there is, of course, dressing ironically, irony for irony's sake, and i understand why that can be silly, but you never know what's around the corner, because that person's trashy dressing could be your treasured inspiration. i mean, look at wednesday addams. surely, she didn't care about looking high fashun, and while she clearly cared enough to dress all in black, she wasn't trying to impress the boys (remember her reply on how she feels about boys? ... Homicide). she wasn't exactly going for pilgrim-chic, surely, and her look was, to the majority of people, a little bit ugly. but she remains one of my greatest fashion inspirations. but then again, so do my little pony, twiggy, and janis joplin... m.i.a., the rocky horror picture show, and mathilda from leon the professional... the list goes on.

see? the list goes on. and if i tried to dress up like all of these characters and more at once every day, i'd be a mess. so i have to pick and choose and add myself to the mix and play around, like everyone else. so why put a negative label on it? i'm just making a character, 'cause all the world's a stage.

ta for now,

music: youth in trouble -the presets

Saturday, November 24, 2012


coming home has been so wonderful. i found out that i really miss that faded orange-yellow that the grasses take on in fields during the colder months. i didn't even know until i went on a walk... in, by the way, twenty-degree weather.

definitely a perk of going back to california is not having to cover up outfits like the one below. as soon as i go out here for a while, i'll have to wear my long winter coat. this outfit was a weird one because i was working with all the leftover stuff i didn't take to school, so it's mostly all the not-black, not-gothed up junk i felt didn't fit into my closet anymore. there are some things i forgot about that i really enjoy, though, like the ridiculous sparkly gold flats i scored for peanuts on black friday a couple of years ago. i also found a patch that i bought from an art show in seventh grade. secured that one right to the back of my sweater because i couldn't handle all of the pink-pastel-sparkly-cuteness that was going on. the result ended up being a supreme example of eclecticism. one i'm comfortable in.

i always write that getting dressed is like painting a picture. i felt like today was time for making a cartoon. i think you need that sense of humor to refresh yourself every once in a while.

sweater, forever 21 / hat pin, vintage / locket pin, vintage / patch, locally handmade / shorts, vintage (etsy) / tights, gift / shoes, pac sun

this whole thing is one big breath of fresh air for my style, as it always is when i'm forced to come up with a different way to dress. i'm hoping this and all of my rest from this break will carry me through finals. i'm dreading that moment when i run out of time or energy or inspiration to make new outfits. when i paint that picture, that outfit, i feel good, and even if i'm dragging because i don't have the rest i need, if i'm styling clothes and feeling good that way, everything will be all right.

and i have ALL of the things to do in the next month. so the least i can do is be well-dressed.

till next time,

music: infinite love without fulfillment -grimes

Monday, November 19, 2012

cocorosie would love me.

today's outfit was one hundred percent inspired by the below cocorosie song. a little bit of dark, a little bit of sweetness. a few bows and flowers, dark jeans, strong wedges, and an extra electric pop.

and there's the rare thing where i'm wearing my glasses. because i can't SEE, people. i just get really self-conscious about how i look with glasses, so i hardly ever wear them, but i like how they look with this outfit. does anyone else wear glasses? how do you style them? do you buy really elaborate frames? i own clear-and-tortoise cat-eye frames and a pair of black ones. i wish i had crazy vintage seventies ones because i'm so hip.

anyway, here i am, and here i go.

bow, american apparel / glasses, gift / shirt, vintage / blazer, h&m / rings, gifts  / jeans, cheap monday / shoes, crown vintage (dsw)

music: werewolf -cocorosie

Sunday, November 18, 2012

three days and two and a half hours!

sorry i've been m.i.a.! silly life stuff gets in my way sometimes.

i took most of this weekend to rest up and focus on a final idea for one of my classes, even though my room needs to be cleaned so badly it's stupid. it's been raining complete cats and dogs, so as soon as it lightened up today, i took my camera outside to finally get some shots outdoors. i'll get more soon, i promise. i feel like i've been slacking on that. i've been wanting to get a lot more things done on this blog. but more good stuff to come soon!

here's just a basic outfit for the chilly day. as much as my hand moves for dresses and skirts, pairing tights and shorts forever captures the heart. 

necklace, etsy / crop tee, american apparel / flannel, mom's / jacket, bycorpus (gift) / shorts, unif / tights / socks, land's end / wedges, thrift

here's a little music i just found by way of one of my newer friends. it's so good to have tunes to work to that have no lyrics. between classical and this, i get things DONE.

i'll be back in the midwest for thanksgiving in three days and two and a half hours, and i'm taking my cameras! so stay tuned!

music: toadstool -para one

Monday, November 5, 2012

return of the kittens.

i knew i took this kitten scarf to school for a reason. i have a collar i got from wasteland, and i paired it with a hand-cut muscle tank i'm planning to paint... eventually. the plain white tee look happened to work really well, though, with the light print of the scarf, so i threw the scarf on my head and it worked! and what better to add to that than a badass biker boot? i lightened it up with a peacock-tone american apparel skirt, and shabam, there was my outfit. my roommate quickly took these shots for me around the dorm halls because she's a doll. enjoy!

scarf, ragstock / collar, wasteland / shirt, hanes / bra, american apparel / skirt, american apparel / socks, gift / boots, jeffrey campbell / ring, ragstock

 i've just been sketching the past couple of days. i'm waiting for something good. i might have the opportunity to do some portraiture soon, which i'm really looking forward to, but i have yet to set the date, so i'll have to see on that. in the meantime, i'm still busy with that art history paper (it's only been a couple of days, people), so just keep checking back!

all for now,

music: one pure thought -hot chip

Friday, November 2, 2012

photo vomit.

photo vomit!

duster, mama stone vintage / shorts, unif / lipsticks, lime crime / windbreaker, ragstock.

something of substance soon to come. hopefully some drawings!

much love,

music: rich girls (le castle vania remix) -the virgins