Saturday, November 24, 2012


coming home has been so wonderful. i found out that i really miss that faded orange-yellow that the grasses take on in fields during the colder months. i didn't even know until i went on a walk... in, by the way, twenty-degree weather.

definitely a perk of going back to california is not having to cover up outfits like the one below. as soon as i go out here for a while, i'll have to wear my long winter coat. this outfit was a weird one because i was working with all the leftover stuff i didn't take to school, so it's mostly all the not-black, not-gothed up junk i felt didn't fit into my closet anymore. there are some things i forgot about that i really enjoy, though, like the ridiculous sparkly gold flats i scored for peanuts on black friday a couple of years ago. i also found a patch that i bought from an art show in seventh grade. secured that one right to the back of my sweater because i couldn't handle all of the pink-pastel-sparkly-cuteness that was going on. the result ended up being a supreme example of eclecticism. one i'm comfortable in.

i always write that getting dressed is like painting a picture. i felt like today was time for making a cartoon. i think you need that sense of humor to refresh yourself every once in a while.

sweater, forever 21 / hat pin, vintage / locket pin, vintage / patch, locally handmade / shorts, vintage (etsy) / tights, gift / shoes, pac sun

this whole thing is one big breath of fresh air for my style, as it always is when i'm forced to come up with a different way to dress. i'm hoping this and all of my rest from this break will carry me through finals. i'm dreading that moment when i run out of time or energy or inspiration to make new outfits. when i paint that picture, that outfit, i feel good, and even if i'm dragging because i don't have the rest i need, if i'm styling clothes and feeling good that way, everything will be all right.

and i have ALL of the things to do in the next month. so the least i can do is be well-dressed.

till next time,

music: infinite love without fulfillment -grimes

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