Sunday, July 14, 2013

coyote poetry and shooting with alacrity photography!

i spent my evening eating raspberry-and-chocolate soy ice cream on the main downtown drag before meeting up with the duo that is alacrity photography! also, i got to listen to a super swell poem written by a friend. the perks of sitting outside of a coffee shop in this weather are great.

oh, and i got to do a thing with my new hair, courtesy of my boyfriend's sister, kendra, who is endlessly  creative and talented with hair and makeup.

here are some shots from today!

floral hairpiece, gift / dress, f21 / harmonica necklace, etsy / rings, etsy / shoes, anthropologie (ebay) / backpack, ebay

and a last note--

as a blog that doesn't focus as much on sociopolitical issues, i don't think i'm able to come up with the proper words... but as a human who is investing a lot of time to learn and talk about these issues, i do think i need to express how much anger i feel over recent events regarding trayvon martin. my heart aches for the injustice in tonight's news. there is so much we have to stand up for.

till next time.

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