Sunday, October 21, 2012


i don't like neon. i don't like it, i don't like it, i don't i don't i don't. i've always stuck my nose up at neon colors on most garments, finding them too sports-chic for my style, so when i found this skirt, i was totally confused at the fact that i was in love. i put up excuses, like maybe the kitsch of the hawaiian print was what made me put up with the neon or something, but there's no getting past it... i like the brightness of the yellow, blue, and green against the black. it's a huge contrast to my mainly-monochromatic wardrobe, and besides, i so wanted prints in my life. this skirt's also a skater skirt, it's high-waisted, it's a mini, it's pretty-ugly, and it FITS me... so it checks off a lot of boxes otherwise.

i put the crazy with a lot of black-and-white-- a graphic tee and a blazer-- to sober things a little. i'm an adult, you know. i have to be taken seriously.

blazer, thrift / shirt, vintage / skirt, forever 21 / tights, forever 21 / shoes, demonia (ebay)

also, wearing this thing made me realize that hey, my hair is pink. my hair is neon. so i should probably get over being so stuck up about some clothes and open my eyes. no wonder i get so bored in fashion sometimes.

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music: how bizarre -omc

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