Wednesday, October 10, 2012

spare change.

so, as the idea goes, i'm spending the last few days in my dorm, because i'm moving to another building on campus. a new roommate, a new room, so that's exciting and interesting, and i'll miss what's going on here, but it isn't like i'm moving far away. i just have to cope and handle these changes-- i make them a way bigger deal than they have to be sometimes. and some changes can be wonderful.

... also, i'm sneaking in a picture of my outfit today because it's simple and i can.

lipstick, lime crime / head chain, etsy / tee, anthropologie / jeans, cheap monday / shoes, dsw

i've been sleeping so poorly the past week and a half or so, waking up at weird hours and sleeping in the middle of the day and acting like a zombie, but i think things are better right now.

expect new actual street fashion soon-- that part of the blog's been a little m.i.a., but it's coming back!

till next time,

music: crazy -gnarls barkley

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