Wednesday, February 1, 2012

san francisco shopping.

shorts, vintage levi's, wasteland vintage; necklace, locally handmade, needles and pens.

a few more shops to check out, complete with art galleries, terrariums, and hippies: x generation, buffalo exchange, and wasteland on haight street; adobe books, needles and pens, paxton gate, idol vintage, and more in the mission district! some places are more pricey than others, but i definitely picked up a card from paxton gate-- primarily a taxidermy shop-- so i can order a fox skull as a drawing form in the near future.
every tiny shop is a wonder all its own. the valencia and sixteenth street crossways are one to remember-- and the food! authentic japanese and mexican food has never made my tummy so pleased.
these up-and-coming districts are those i want to live in. the creativity is overflowing, and it washes over me and gives me a new sense of direction. it just makes me crave the nearest sketchpad, the nearest camera. i love it.

music: palm of your hand -cake

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