Sunday, April 22, 2012


some garments came in for me, late birthday gifts, and i'll be posting those over the next few days. the first is this beautiful pair of crown vintage wedges from dsw. the top of the right shoe is slightly uncomfortable, but i can tell it will break in with a little bit of wear.

in heavier news--
in the past week, three people i've known have passed. once upon a time, i would have holed myself up in my room and just lingered on bad feelings instead of feeling the life and energy around me. i started to do the former this time. in the end, though, i reached out to friends, and they've all been incredibly supportive. now i just want to help everyone else as much as i can.

i've been going to work and the gym during the day, mostly, and i've also been taking pictures. i noticed that i need to start drawing more-- i've been neglecting my personal style project, so i need to get back to that, and when i do, i'll post pictures from it again.

today, i'm going to the flea market with my mother and doing some serious cleaning to my wreck of a room. next weekend, i'm going to a ska show in another city. distractions. i just want to feel all right for now.

hair tie, gift, american apparel; thermal, gift, free people; jeans + altered, $5, thrift; tights; wedges, gift, dsw.

music: someone great -lcd soundsystem

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  1. love you <3 you talk to me whenever you need to.
    have fun at the flea market!
    p.s. me like your shoes mucho!! and your thermal!