Thursday, April 19, 2012

il gatto selvatico.

it's the outfit of the day-- i found a great truck to shoot with. it was all smashed with a license place from '67, and it had great character. my kind of car.
my necklace is from an etsy store linked below; i highly recommend it.

necklace, $22, il gatto selvatico; chambray men's shirt, $2, thrift; tank, $5, ragstock; jeans, $30, cheap monday; wedges, $30, old navy; laces, gift, doc martens.
i went with my friend jame to see death cab for cutie on sunday. it was third row, with an accompanying orchestra, and it was wonderful. i didn't know that i'd enjoy a sit-down, sleepy-music show, but it was more emotional than anything, and i'm really glad i went. plus, the whole band is super funny.
for a slightly different genre, this song has been stuck in my head for days, and now it will be stuck in yours. you're welcome.

music: little talks -of monsters and men