Monday, June 11, 2012

back to black: nighttime.

back to black, again.

this collar was given to me as a gift by a friend my freshman year of high school, and while i've barely worn it, i love that i own it. i don't know that i would have attained it by myself, and it's a definite conversation piece.
this is just another post of all clothes i've owned for years, taking my style back to my core. it's a little more drastic than i usually go-- i don't wear loads of black makeup daily-- but it's fun to play around every once in a while.

as always, i'm trying to build up my stamina for school-- i spend so much time napping sometimes that i really get afraid for how i'm going to handle having classes every day of the week. i've been hula hooping almost daily and working out again, working, walking, running errands... just moving. it's a struggle. on the upside, i just received my class schedule, so i can at least prepare a little more for what's to come!

... terrifying.

until next time,

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music: fantasy -battles

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