Tuesday, June 19, 2012

life things.

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i'm feeling frustrated, losing touch with people i once had creative connections with.
i can't wait to go to school for the opportunity to be constantly connected with artistically-minded people. i've been speaking with incoming freshmen, and it excites me to know i'll get the chance to be with those who are driven towards goals like mine and who have the time and acceptance to actually follow through with new ideas and collaborations.

i'm just really, really frustrated with where i'm living in right now because i feel as though i can't channel any sparks of creativity very well. i feel stuck.

i feel stuck.

i've been drawing by myself a lot, spending my time feeling lonely, so i'll try to post the results sometime soon. i also have a few thoughts for picture sets i want to make, but that depends on how successful i can be in finding other people who want to work with me. i really want to work on a project for a freshman opening art show at school this fall, but again, it all depends on finding other people to work with as models. rotoscoping and photography will all take place, hopefully.

a video is also about to be in the making, so i have that to look forward to. my good friend siri is helping me with that, and i never get to work with that type of medium, so i'm very excited on that topic.

more to come soon.

music: i'm terrified of being -ladylike lily

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