Saturday, September 15, 2012


as some of you might have noticed, i almost always close my entries with a little bit of music. i always listen to music when i write my blog. i almost always listen to music when i get dressed.

are people's individual styles influenced by the music they listen to on a daily basis? a weekly basis? or ever?

when i chose my outfit for today, i had nineties hip hop in mind. i actually woke up with the notorious b.i.g.'s hypnotize playing on repeat in my head, and i knew my day was going to be filled with high-waisted things, beanies, my trusty sneakers, and, you know... bling. i opted out of any acid washed denim jackets, bedazzled back pockets, and other mall attire in favor of a more sophisticated look, nodding towards biggie's flashy ways with a pendant and gold tank. i streamlined everything with two-tone tights, and an outfit was born.

tank, t.j.maxx / pendant, thrifted and modern/ skirt, ragstock / tights, ebay / wedges, deena & ozzy

this happens all the time, and i think that's a reason why my personal style changes between days. if i listen to some punk, i might throw on some creepers, and if it's ska, they'll probably be black and white. if i listen to dark electro, i might choose black milk leggings and a loose tank with deep armholes, something suitable for hula hooping. if i listen to cutesy indie music with harmonicas and ukeleles and some lilting girlish vocals, i'm probably going to dress like i came out of a pastel unicorn rainbow cloud... with a couple of studs and spikes, of course, because i am who i am.

or i might just throw all of that out the window because i don't follow my own silly fashion rules. but mainly, i get a lot of influence from music. does everyone else get dressed with music? music plays in stores, at fashion shows, and people get dressed up for music.

so what's the deal, everyone? how does music play a part in your fashion life?

till next time,

music: hypnotize -notorious b.i.g.

photos by jimmy don

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