Saturday, July 27, 2013

midas talons.

i haven't posted in a bit, have i?

i've been keeping my nails long all summer, which is bad for playing piano and texting but good for looking terrifying and amazing and also good for back scratches.

i decided to update my look a little bit with some color. i love changing my nail or hair color; i think it adds an interesting challenge to putting a look together, and it adds depth to whatever i come up with. i decided on a gold metallic polish by hard candy and added a bit of extra sparkle on the ends with pure ice's "endless fortune" polish. i burned a little patchouli incense and listened to good music late at night, and it was wonderfully relaxing.

large ring, free people / silver ring, etsy / bracelet, vintage

after setting the atmosphere, i painted a base coat, then two thin coats of hard candy polish, and i mixed the sparkles near the end. i then painted a top coat and proceeded to be more successful than i've ever been at not smudging the finished product! i think relaxing into the process helps.

a great thing about the gold color is that i don't wear it often, so putting it on my nails makes me reevaluate jewelry-- i love to mix golds, silvers, and bronzes, and this inspired me to do so today. i put one silver midi ring on my other hand.

it's strange how much more prepared i feel for the day with painted nails. it's definitely worth it to treat myself.

music: luxury -azealia banks


  1. Hi, your blog is so lovely! I love your style and your hair! ^^

  2. so lovely things in last photo, very nice =)

  3. i really love your gold nails!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    Kisses from Hong Kong :*

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