Friday, December 7, 2012

creepin' weird.

bow, american apparel / tank, t.j. maxx / bullet belt, etsy / leggings, black milk clothing / creepers, gift

just kidding, so i have these shots left to post before i go home for a bit. the cemetery where i took these photos is a strange one for me. i had an assignment for my old photography class where i had to find a familiar and an unfamiliar landscape, and i couldn't decide if this cemetery was familiar or unfamiliar to me: it reminds me of a place near my house.. turned californian. there are all the gravestones and the mausoleums, but they're spiked with palm trees. so it's my familiar-unfamiliar island in the middle of a totally foreign land.

the belt i'm wearing is a piece that's been sitting around my dorm the entire year, and a friend of mine just helped me learn how to use it. the concept is so weird; i thought i was going to mess it up by breaking a part of it off, which was, i guess, the thing to do to fix it. i figured out a way to just step in and out of it, though, so i can always leave it closed up and not have to worry about snapping pieces on and off.

also, i love that this tank looks like gold foil, but it isn't so over-the-top that i can only use it around new year's. it's versatile. and, of course, as long as i keep my top pretty simple, i can wear my crazy-sistine-chapel-ceiling-print leggings from black milk. always the most comfortable bottoms-- i'm planning on wearing them on the plane ride back to the midwest with my trusty docs. i adore these creepers, but my docs practically gravitate towards my feet for flights. immediate badassery for those hours in the sky.

but enough for now! more later,

music: should i stay or should i go -the clash

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