Tuesday, December 11, 2012

pretty in pink.

one of the things i didn't have going into the city was a guide of all the right little shops to go to. no matter how many google searches i did, i kept seeing the tourist-blown shopping centers, and even the shops i found in haight and mission were just things i happened upon by chance. in fact, i only had recommendations from locals on maybe four local shops, and i only had time to go to two of those.

a great thing, though, can be found just outside san francisco.

oakland houses pretty penny, a vintage shop that reaches way above and beyond expectations for completely wonderful vintage pieces at affordable prices. and people shrug off the Yeah Affordable thing, but if you're paying sixteen dollars for a blouse with its own story and unique look that sets you apart from the modern-day manufacture, you're doing pretty well.
the prints, colors, details, and materials that these guys bring in are enough to grasp a person for hours. or if you're looking for something in particular, you can find everything organized by color, and staffers are the best at guessing sizes for you. and if your skirt or shirt or dress needs to be taken in or up, they offer alterations. and there are shoes, and accessories... and the choicest menswear.

i have a coin bank where i throw all my change, and it never really amounts to anything, but having this place in the area actually gives me a chance for those pennies to really be pretty.

ha ha ha ha

check the photos for some random things, some pictures of the shop, and some of my scores. click click for higher resolution.

leather skirt, "always a lady" sweatshirt, pink blouse, PRETTY PENNY

i originally was going to make this post really Pink themed, and i found out through doing so that despite my hair color, pink is almost never in my clothing repertoire. does anybody else have this weird thing where they never dress in one particular color? or where they only dress in one particular shade or two? just curious.

till next time,

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