Sunday, September 30, 2012


so here are some pictures because i've had all of today free and i've been able to record my outfit for the day. it's all about the lips and the tie dye lyf. there's kind of that morning-after-the-show feel running through the afternoon, punctured with light from my window and cup after cup of coffee.

bowler hat, ebay / sunglasses, ragstock / vintage shirt, thrifted & modern / shorts, bdg / lipstick, urban decay

i finished all of my work on thursday and friday, so i had most of the weekend to both get ahead on work and go into the city to shop around and pick up some cool-weather clothes. the thing is, i ended up returning home with a small list for the internet and a smaller bag of purchases because i felt so uninspired by the clothes i found in my size, i hardly bought a thing. i walked around countless name-brand stores and just looked-- the crosses, the spikes and studs, the ankle booties, the flag prints, whatever... it's getting boring to me. i want new combinations, new, new, new, always, and it propels me forward and forces me to revert back to what i already have and just accessorize from there.

i just ordered a hat and a piece of jewelry off of etsy, and i'm keeping an eye out for one really interesting sweater, and then i'm DONE. i have so many layers, and i'm actually really pleased with my wardrobe. wisconsin and the internet have served me well.

till next time,

music: armistic (rac remix) -phoenix

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