Sunday, August 5, 2012

sneaky stuff.

i love the hype that sneakers are getting lately. converse especially seem to be kicking off, with ads everywhere that seem to encourage the wearer to go off-road biking and then straight to a party, loving life all the way.

my take on the sneaker trend was of course to opt for something with height, and i was feeling inspired by my old coworker's outstanding high-tops, so i bought these deena & ozzy wedges. not so wonderful for off-road biking, but good for having a great time? i think so.

also, i'm a firm believer that leggings are not pants. jeggings are even strange, and leggings... just aren't pants. i never wear them with crop tops, though the leggings may be high-waisted. i'm pretty sure that's considered a Fashion Rule, but i'm not concerned with that-- i just think leggings as pants look bizarre. notwithstanding, i wore these lovely leggings with a blouse that wasn't terribly oversized this evening, and i have no regrets. no weird wardrobe malfunctions were had. i've decided it's because the print is just so well-placed that these guys pass as bottoms on their own, and i'm completely all right with the result.

pussybow blouse, sugarlips apparel / leggings, black milk clothing / sneaker wedges, deena & ozzy

oh, and that wristband in the first picture? i went to lollapalooza, and it was a grand old time, and there was a lot of rain and mud and good music. i especially enjoyed the givers and, of course, the red hot chili peppers. i really wish i could have been there tonight to see justice, but i'll just have to wait to see if they come to the music scene in california sometime soon!

much love.

music: midnight city -m83 (trentmoller remix)

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