Sunday, September 18, 2011

like two doves.

after a turbulent sleep schedule, i finally took a full twelve hours to catch up on the rest i've missed. i got called in to work this morning to take over a shift for my coworker who's ill, which was perfectly fine because i didn't have so much on my plate today in the first place. i'm working on doing some headshot sketches of some favorite models as a focus on beauty, but other than that, i'm taking a couple of days off from art research and planning. i'll be posting some artwork soon, so keep an eye out for that.

work has turned into a place filled with busy tasks and coworkers who are beginning to feel like good friends, and even though i feel overtired at times, i'm so grateful for the experiences i'm gaining. i feel as though i'm becoming more prepared for taking flight and living on my own.
on the other hand, i absolutely need to see some people outside of work, and i need a miniature road trip. i feel slightly socially starved once again, and i want that heart-flying feeling of Going Somewhere.
sometimes, i feel as though i'm just running from myself. moving moving moving.
i'm somewhat afraid to see what will happen if i pause for too long.

as a last note, i've been watching new york fashion week's results like a hawk, and i am extremely pleased with some of the collections. more on that later.

in the meantime, hype me!


  1. come take a (very mini) road trip to milwaukee so that i can use your beauty for photos! <3

  2. Lovely blog! <3

  3. danni, that sounds like a master plan.

    and thank you, jackie! i love to see a great blog out of san francisco-- i'd climb mountains to be where you are!

  4. Lyz, I definitely follow you now too. If you ever make it a point to climb some mountains over my way, let me know! :-)