Thursday, September 8, 2011


i went out for a shoot last night with ashley nicole meyer, half of a photography duo i'm going to feature soon. we went half an hour away and framed up pictures behind an old warehouse and took a couple of shots around the city, but there may be plans for more photos in an abandoned house off the highway not far from where i live. there's a bit of a car graveyard nearby, too, so it should be interesting. i know i'll at least be going back!

work has been great, hardening my nerves as it should; a woman and her daughter walked past, and the girl kept commenting on how ugly the window displays-- which i set up-- were. her mother just nodded along. i realized i'd gotten enough of a range of criticism and compliments from all sorts of folks that it didn't matter. of course, i still grumbled about it, but the word No towards any form of my art is phasing me less right now.

on another note, a huge windstorm hit my town, taking down chunks of rather sturdy trees. i was sitting in the middle of my bed when i heard a noise that sounded like a bird crying out, and when i rushed to the window to find where the bird might be, my eyes widened quite a bit upon finding that a sizable tree in the front yard had essentially cracked in half.

i'm currently drinking quite a lot of coffee in preparation for... not a lot of physical movement, really. today kicks off fashion week, and i want to be as involved as i can through the internet as i'm not able to get to any actual cities for fashion's night out.
for those of you who aren't familiar, anna wintour-- chief editor of us vogue-- kicked off the first fashion's night out in new york city when the stock market crashed. the idea was to buy a dress, a pair of shoes, even a tube of lipstick... anything to support the industry. it was hugely successful. it was so successful, in fact, that fashion's night out not only continued annually, but also spread to other fashion capitals, followed by smaller cities. last year's new york's night out was recognized as the biggest public fashion show in the city's history. let's hope wintour and her posse can top that this year.

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  1. you look stunning!
    love the shirt!

  2. i love so much your blog that Ive added it in my blogroll ^_^