Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the calm trail.

a few minutes away from where i live, there is a nature trail that passes through marshes and past abandoned rail houses. it's rather otherworldly; despite being so close to where i've grown up, the feel of the trail is very different from what i'm familiar with. every time i go, i bring a camera and a pair of binoculars-- there are quite a lot of birdwatching opportunities. i'm a fan of the incredibly uncool pastime that is birding, especially in this marshy area, where i can find the absolutely hair-raising, ancient cry of the sandhill crane.
during my most recent visit to the trail, i felt such a sense of ethereality that i had to try to record what i saw. i only wish i had a better camera lens to capture the birds. what's more, i wish i could share the sound of leaves rustling with animals, the sight of dark skies in one direction and streaks of sunlight in the other, or the feeling of wind opening up my lungs.

i'm ill right now, but in my waking moments, i'm studying fashion with new vigor. i'll be posting about it soon.


  1. love your look!
    i am following u now:D
    there is a giveaway on my blog if u want!

  2. I love your accessories. Super cool. <3