Monday, July 18, 2011

synonym for humid: sultry.

i just returned from a weekend seeing battles in madison, an afternoon wandering around town, and an evening spent with a good friend and a lot of new friends. overall intimidating experiences, but i loved them, and i was happy.

it is so enormously, thickly warm here that i am amazed the state hasn't keeled over, although apparently that's a possibility. the authorities say to keep an eye on friends and family. what a panic-inducing concept.
to keep myself cool enough, i've been turning not to the clothes that cover the least of my body, but rather the clothes made of the lightest materials. i picked up the most fantastic semi-sheer maxi dress from ragstock, and i've thus far worn it to a wedding reception, to the movies, and for a grocery run. oh, and it's been massively useful for all the walking i've been doing in both my crown vintage wedges and my swedish hasbeens platform clogs. i'm excited to add layers for the fall.
in other words, i've decided maxi dresses can go anywhere and with just about anything.

it's just stormed here and cooled off about five degrees, so i'm off for another walk. i'll post more pictures soon.


  1. so amazing lyz. let's take pics sometime.

  2. lovely post! super cute :) would love it if you checked out my blog-

    Meena xxxxx

  3. thanks.:) definitely agreed, the quality of your photographs is so beautiful.