Monday, July 4, 2011

happy independence day, everyone!
i watched a really wonderful fireworks show and spent time with friends; i hope other people were able to celebrate well, too.

on another note, i've found the flag-printed, loose tank fun for the season, but it seems a little too much to be wearing red, white, and blue all summer long. those flag-painted levi's cutoffs just don't do it for me.
here's a preview of the next summer trend i've woven into my closet:


this shoot was, in short, freezing. it was eighty-five degrees where i came from, and it was sixty where this picture was taken. still, i find it completely worth it.

i'm sure it wasn't from that day, but i have had some feverish feelings over the past couple of days. hopefully, this doesn't keep going on-- i have a music festival to attend and more people to see!

i'll have more photos and pointers up in a few days.

photographer: lns photography


  1. Ooo I love to go from 85 degree weather to 60 degree weather, like when climbing a mountain, for example. It's so refreshing! This dress is beautiful, especially the mint green color.

  2. Gorgeous. You look like a forest nymph. That dress is amazing, the tribal-style appliqué is making me drool.