Monday, August 1, 2011

modern house wife.

i'm continuing the use of my maxi skirts and dresses into the fall and winter, but the flowing hippy floral prints are getting a little old. i decided to add some structure to flowery dresses and skirts.
i just received a dress from london that came out absolutely lovely and with a more fifties-era shape but, because of the above-the-knee hem, seemed almost matronly to me at first-- i'm used to either floor or micro mini lengths-- until i added some four-inch wedges and an oversized faux-fur jacket. what an offset.

i think this shows a touch of my obsession with big shoes and big hair, and also some of my love for clash-matching patterns and colors.
to celebrate the tiny drop in temperature, i paraded this outfit around inside and a little bit outside with my favorite little boy, nova.

these pictures just make me think of stories of when i was in kindergarten. my parents chose to put me in a specialized school because of my minute attention span. instead of doing my math homework, i would draw on the back of the paper. instead of paying attention during history lessons, i would sing to myself.

we get a little bit distracted. especially him. especially me. i think we're both getting a lot better, though.

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