Saturday, January 28, 2012

spinal cord.

after a couple of hours of writing, i've come up with the first draft of my application essay. i've also decided that i'm going to apply for the fall semester of this year. maybe i can make it in. if i do, i can enhance my current projects with access to the school's technology.

in the past three and half years, i've never been more healthy. i feel my spine getting stronger.

ready for the floor -hot chip

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  1. Do it now. I hate to sound trite, but there's a reason the phrase "there's no time like the present" is so popular.

    Get started on the next (and best) chapter of your life and don't look back. Show what you have and write as best you can to express yourself & apply, but it truly is just to get you in the door. Once you're in it all starts anew (and I can tell you, as someone who was in architecture & then art/design school, frustrating as this may sound, you won't even look back at what you did before you got there...)so try to not dwell on it too much.

    Even if for some ridiculous reason you don't get in wherever you're applying to, pick some other school in SF and get started, you can always transfer later to your first choice.

    You're ready - do it. People believe in you, trust them and trust yourself.