Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas and the putz.

my father walks our dog around the neighborhood all the time. recently, nativity scenes have cropped up in people's yards-- giant mary, joseph, and sheep figures my border collie needs to bark at because he just can't grasp the meaning of it all. coming from german pennsylvanians, my family's nativity scene is a bit different. the figures are of all different sizes, everything is indoors, and the collection spans nearly half a room.
it's called the putz.

my family's putz is compiled from different generations' travels and purchases, with recent additions from my brother's stay in indonesia and my stays in costa rica and japan. from the german word 'putzen,' to decorate, the putz is the richest christmas tradition in my family, something that brings everyone together. there are delicate, cracked antique townsmen to newly painted little houses. there is a desert, a village, a countryside, and the famous little baby swaddled up underneath angels and a moravian star. it's a tradition for the patient and the creative and for every age, and it's one of my favorite parts of the season.

i was glad to give my gifts today, but i was also pleasantly surprised to find that the packages under the balsam fir tree were really well suited to me. i received a ganesh figurine, a free people thermal, a cloche, and lots of books. the books below are going to inspire my heart through the roof. i can't wait to draw.

at 8:30 tonight, my brother flies in from north carolina, so the family will be together for christmas, much unlike last year. we've gotten along thus far, so i'd like to think that the good feelings will continue through the holidays.

just wait for posts about new year's-- i'm entirely wound up for it! happy holidays to everyone!

music: inní mér syngur vitleysyngur -sigur rós

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