Monday, August 29, 2011

school bells.

college is starting up for many people, and that means quite a few of the folks i've gotten to know this summer are packing up and going back to school. it feels a little lonely here in this town, especially as my immediately local friends get busy themselves with work and school, but i have work of my own to accomplish. august was my month to talk to the contacts i already have; september is the month to make new contacts. i need to know if the art schools i'm looking at are the proper ones for me to be shooting for, and if so, what i ought to be doing in order to get in. i need to talk to artists.

i'm planning on getting in touch with illustrators the likes of  mark rydensabine pieper, and laura laine, just to name a few. i also want to write to a couple of small magazines i'm interested in working for in the future. the word Intimidating comes to mind a million times.

simultaneously, i'm dressing figures at the store and updating my lookbook, creating a portfolio of my styling efforts. my drawings are starting to increase. i have to make everything happen right now.

in the sky, geese are flying south in strands like mockeries of springtime kite strings, but unlike kites, the birds are actually going somewhere. particularly compared to where i was in the spring, i'm really starting to go somewhere, too.


  1. i'm kind of looking forward to school! i'm a fellow artist as well :) i adore your hair and maxi <3

    Vintage Stop at

  2. what school do you attend? i'm fascinated by this-- i'm still trying to figure out exactly where i want to go, although i've honed in on a few places.
    also, thank you!