Monday, August 8, 2011


lights. that's what the remainder of my summer will be made up of. sheers, chiffons, silks, lace, all in cream, white, and pastels. i've decided i can get away with this despite my pale complexion because of my hair, and of course because of makeup.
one of the key elements that i'm transitioning from summer into fall is the use of color. i'm very into black, but i'm going to gloss things up in not only the expected fall trend of clothing, but especially in my face, à la miu miu of the coming season.
for now, i'm planning to do some shots to show just how bright things are going to get.

check back soon!

collage photo credit: american apparel, martin margiela, anna sui, rodarte, valentino


  1. Wow, you have such lovely hair :D

  2. thank you.:)
    i keep thinking about shaving off most of it, but i do like dying it and having a lot of styling options; i just keep growing it out!