Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BORA AKSU fall/winter 2013.

since spring is hardly upon us, i may be getting ahead of things here, but ever since i saw this collection, i've been obsessed with it. the light, flowy materials are romantic, drawing me in, and combined with a tie-like addition here, a blazer there, i was sold on this coming season's menswear addiction. also sold on the plum used in many of the garments-- just enough color to not overwhelm me. oh, and have you seen the headpieces?


the headpieces and makeup make for a look that is "classically futuristic," dating back to 1927's metropolis-- each pretty little crown topper is a piece to remember, and it's easy to imagine a microchip implanted in one, somewhere amongst the lace and sequins. widely spaced, long lashes make for huge eyes, and life is breathed into each figure with a touch of pomegranate on the lips.

i really can't get enough of this. watch the shows, folks. you won't regret it.

till soon,

music: no bones -yeasayer

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