Saturday, September 8, 2012

nyfw and stuff.

rachel comey, tadashi shoji, and kimberly ovitz, anyone?
those are the ss13 lines i've picked up on so far, and with homework and classes, i don't have much time to keep up on every single show that's come out, and i haven't had the time to compare and trendspot or anything, but i have noticed what i like and don't like. i saw a lot of short and long skirt lengths contrasting at rachel comey, appealing to my personal style, and lots of lace at both the comey and shoji shows. sheerness was at all three shows, which i always adore.

the ovitz show had lots of armbands and similar accessories, with thin, intricate straps adorning shoulders and necks. barefoot models lined the runway, which was covered in sand, reminiscent of times long past.

the last collection didn't seem entirely put-together, but it definitely seemed the inspiration for outfits to come for my personal style and likely for others in spring of next year.

i tried to get out and go to san francisco's fashion's night out, but i was way too tired to move my body that much, and i had class in the morning, so i'll have to wait another year. it just takes time.

anyway, i've been spending my time mostly in the dorm house and flitting between classes, trying madly to get my work done and to get to know my classmates and professors and everyone in between. my very last class of the week is photography, and i just got to work with a pinhole camera and a darkroom for The Very First Time! see the last picture for the final product. it's quite difficult to have a camera with no viewfinder, but i'm really pleased with what i ended up with. also, see the pictures below of me waking up before everyone else. this happens every day because i wake up between five and six in the morning now, and i look like a zombie, but i actually quite like it since i end up with quiet time to just drink my coffee and forget about things for a bit.

more soon,

music: tip of your tongue -porcelain raft

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