Friday, January 20, 2012


... and so i wore some flowers in my hair.
not only did i get to experience the school i want to go to and confirm that i do actually want to go there, i got to taste the wonders of san francisco. despite the advice to go to coit tower for a view of the city, i wandered around the haight district in search of vintage clothing shops-- of which i found great choices-- until i found buena vista park. as pictured above, there were enormous trees that pointed upwards to a beautiful view. the clear day allowed for an eyeful that led all the way out to the golden gate bridge and beyond. i discovered the mission district, galleries and museums, and more. i love traveling and figuring out things on my own.

as for school, i've found that i'm probably going to have to wait a year and a half before i have a chance to attend classes. in order to have full chances at scholarships, i would have to apply within the next two weeks, and with my plans for my portfolio, i don't have the time to create what i want. in meeting with an advisor, i was told that i can do what i need, but i want to do more than that. i want to do my best, not what the school might expect. therefore, i'll have to wait, but i want to try to move out in this direction before going to school here. i love this place. i can't spend another winter in wisconsin; it isn't happening.

i'm going to make it work.

music: drive -incubus

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