Wednesday, December 14, 2011

awake today.

this is voodoo. he is just over two months old, and he is my responsibility, my baby. i started out this past spring barely able to focus on watching a whole movie, and now i have a job and a thriving baby snake who just shed his skin and who loves to curl up around my fingers.
my fingers, incidentally, are my favorite part of me. i used to have such a hate for my entire body, but i began to have parts that i love, and now i'm feeling more and more comfortable on the whole with my entire self. i can walk outside, socialize, and dance. i can love my long, piano-playing fingers.

there's so much to love in this world about everything. i have to keep remembering.

music: we have love -hot chip


  1. It is difficult to imagine you hating always seem so angelic and beautiful. Glad you have found how to love yourself.