Friday, October 28, 2011


a series of untouched shots and unrefined feelings:

i feel lost in translation between the world's language and mine.

lately, i have been depleted of energy and, although i have had more social time, i feel more stressed out. i am exhausted. i do not feel i have enough time to get school applications done to enter an art school by the next fall. i may have to enter at second semester if that's an open opportunity-- if not, i have to wait a full year, during which i will likely be working somewhere in california, as i can't spend much more time in my current town.

i have a to-do list posted next to my bedroom door, and out of the dozen things on it, i have completed one for the past two weeks. i am behind. i am behind.

i believe i have been trying to show that i am striving for greatness so much that i have overwhelmed myself. i have created several different characters, one of which is the hidden, scared, and overloaded girl, and the other of which is the adult who's pushing forward, unafraid and ready to take on everything that's thrown at her. i am a combination of those things, but i still have a lot of weaknesses to take on, and i am currently struggling. i think it's time to show that i'm still trying these wings out; i'm trying to take off, but i'm not quite there. i am so, so close-- i can feel it. it scares me, but i can feel that pull to get out, to move. besides, i am moving forwards, emotionally and mentally, even spiritually. i just haven't moved locations. yet.

i'm just shedding my old skin.

more to come soon.


  1. beautiful! best wishes on spreading your wings! So much the world has to offer beyond our little town!

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  3. Wow Lyz, this is fabulous. You have such a flowery writing style, it's honestly quite a joy to read. The photos are fabulous as well. :) The dyed crazy haired lyz molding into the more natural hair lyz. Very VERY eye opening. Alsooooo.... you're fuckin beautiful. <3

  4. I have to say that these photos really do a great job of summing up what you say here. It is somewhat rare that a blog post creates art that expresses the theme of the post itself. To that end I also have to say that a few of those shots are actually really good photos in their own rite.

    I think it is great to see you trying to emerge from your cocoon and spread your wings.

    Good luck to you on that. I look forward to seeing where this takes you from here.

  5. Lyz,
    I am so glad that you are self-aware on this level and that you capture it's essence on such a raw/emotive level of photography!
    I believe that your desire for greatness is not unwarranted, and that you, of all people, seem to have the drive to pour yourself entirely into that thread of thought. That is what will make the difference.
    And, I furthermore agree with ^jules, you are absolutely beautiful!

  6. best wishes on spreading your wings!

  7. Lyz,
    The photos are great and very in sync with your words. You write in a very real way that I can relate to. It rare to see good artistic self expression like this. Im looking forward to your next post!