Sunday, June 19, 2011

too much morning.

over the past few days, i have slept for a total of fifteen hours out of seventy-seven.
senseless sleep sometimes.

stay tuned for posts on burberry prorsum and more.


  1. Hi, I've started following you because I absolutely love your photos and you're style :D
    I have dyed red hair too, but my colour is not bright as yours...Have you dye your hair by yourself?

    have a nice week :)

  2. your* style.
    Sorry it's late and i'm tired eheh xD

  3. oh, thank you! i'm so flattered.:)
    i do dye my hair by myself. i use manic panic dye, but i bleach the ends of my hair using whatever i find cheapest. it helps to blow dry the dye for a few minutes while it sets.

    also, that's no problem-- your english is great.:)