Friday, June 10, 2011

hot american summer.

now seems to be the time to spend half of my mornings moving around slightly earlier than usual to go for walks with a friend who works third shift. sometimes it's the closest nature center, sometimes it's the neighborhood, but the weather's been so drastically off the charts one way or the other that we either face rushes of bugs or clouds of wind. hopefully, that will clear up a tad by next week.
i especially dislike the nauseating humidity, particularly because it has been here for days upon days.
the aforementioned walks are absolutely going to become a habit. i firmly believe these excursions are good for me, getting up early is good for me, and the early sun is always brilliant; i get inspired.

i hope the outcome of my inspiration is actually something that comes a little bit from me, although i suppose i am just a result of everything and everyone i come in contact with. my work is a result of everything, so i take inspiration from everything, whether or not i like it.

on the few milder, hazier summer days, i like to sit in during the mornings in socks and a sweater and wander downstairs to make green tea to help wake up without the daylight. i don't wait until my teapot plays its three-note harmony to take it off the heat, though. i wait just past the noise it makes when it sounds as if it's ticking, as if it's going to break, and then i take it away so my tea is the perfect temperature right then. i drink about five cups there in the kitchen, and another in my bedroom. then, i finally take a hot shower and get dressed. today is one of those days.

on one last thought, i'm drawing much more, and i've a new look on lookbook. more on that later.

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