Tuesday, June 14, 2011

flag day.

my town's flag day parade was this weekend, and i headed down to the show with both of my cameras to try and capture a little of the bustle of small-town fanfares.
i always get some weird looks from people, especially because of how i dress, but as long as i give some smiles, everything seems to work out all right. i can get really self-conscious. even so, i have a sense of pride in being able to stand out in how i style my clothes.
if you like it, you can hype it here.
there were crazy men on crazy bikes with flags.

there were clydesdales and lovely ladies.

there were obligatory cute kids on skates and a weird mascot bird.

and all manner of other things.

some of my photos didn't turn out, which disappointed me, but i learned a lot about my film camera, especially about exposure. i've learned only by trial and error so far, and i know i want to take photography classes once i get to art school.
soon enough.

for now, my brother's here, and we're going to see a show downtown!
keep checking back for new fashion and lifestyle photos.

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