Wednesday, June 29, 2011

burberry prorsum resort 2012.

the burberry prorsum resort collection for the upcoming year is full of brilliant ideas. it is also full of neutrals, as only an offshoot of a trenchcoat brand should be. the point of the approaching year's fashions is to center a wardrobe around classic, film-noir-esque separates with a modern twist, and burberry prorsum captures this perfectly.

as a starving artist, i didn't have the resources to buy up these pretty pieces, so i concocted my own ensembles based on burberry's sets.

camel and beige are often poor companions for my skin tone, so i opted for deeper colors-- dark gray, mustard, and the men's collection's navy-- instead. something that also helps those with more winter tones is to add a dash of color to the face. a touch of blush or light lipstick will do the trick. being washed out is never the name of the game.

even if i could afford to own runway pieces, i would only purchase haute couture pieces that i could donate as displays at art museums. the fabrics and folds of expensive fashion is utter beauty... but to me, seeing the latest runway collections is most about the inspiration it lends to create new mixtures of clothing and accessories or other media.

... in any case, i seriously need to get some of my clothing altered. it's all getting far too large in odd places.

shirt, velvet, $15; trousers, french connection x sears, $18; wedges, dsw, $40
blazer, goodwill, $3; shirt, american apparel, gift; shorts, mom's vintage, gift; socks, american apparel, $11; wedges, savers, $1
hat and trench coat, grandmother's vintage burberry, gift; dress, st. vincent de paul thrift store vintage, $2; belt, st. vincent de paul thrift store, $1; wedges, dsw, $40

photographer: susannah gilbert


  1. I love your second outfit *-*
    Unfortunately I have short legs and I cannot wear short socks+shorts :(

  2. i am not particularly lengthy myself, but there are some fixes. one is to wear socks and shoes that are closer to your skin tone, such as nude socks with polka dots and tan oxfords if you're paler. the other way is to wear wedges or heels... the latter i find especially helpful!
    and thank you!

  3. Thanks for your tips^^
    You are lenghty!!! I wish I could have your legs..I weight 43 kilos (I think 93 lbs more or less) but every thing I eat goes on my thighs :(

  4. no matter your body type, playing around with different colors and cuts can enhance how you look so much. just experiment!:)