Thursday, January 17, 2013

time waster / coffee drinker / pretender / dreamer

i'm wearing my summer clothes inside as loungewear because, as nice as the snow is, i'm wishing for some warmer weather again. i guess it's pretty good timing that i'm going back to california in just a few days! i'm already missing the midwest, so i'm enjoying it in abundance today with my boyfriend by going for a long nature walk until we freeze, hopefully followed by some cozy atmosphere at a thai food restaurant downtown.

i should probably actually get dressed soon-- first hiking clothes and then something more dressy-- but for another hour, i'll stick to my shorts and crop top, drinkin' my coffee as always.

bralette, free people / shorts, etsy

i've been having a lot of good conversations with people, so i want to post something a little more substantial soon. stay tuned!

music: rocks and daggers -noah & the whale

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