Friday, November 2, 2012


hey, folks.

i just got my roots re-blonded since i had so much growth since moving out here. it's been two and a half months since i've seen my driveway, which is kind of unbelievable. the longest i've been away from home before this is two and a half weeks, so it isn't a huge wonder i've been dragging a bit from homesickness. anyway, i highly recommend panache salon for hair things in the bay area if you don't want to spend a lot of money; they do an amazing job at everything i want from a hair salon! color and cut and comfort and everything, just perfect.

i have a paper for my art history class due soon-- i'm focused on that and my form and gesture drawing class right now, but i'm planning on soon going out to san francisco to take some pictures of the well-dressed people and also out to some open nature to just breathe. i need some real, solid nature. there's been a lot of city livin' for this small-town kid to handle.

so in the meantime, i'm doing something that's oh-so-familiar to me: mini photoshoots. i took Destiny From Down The Hall by the hand and played dress-up, bouncing the concept off her long, colorful locks.

we're a couple of weird art school kids, what do you expect? blonde roots are kind of crazy, and i'm leaving them while i enjoy how ridiculously healthy my hair feels for the next day before i get my hair all pink again. colors colors colors. this is how i have fun drug-free, folks.

till next time,

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  1. These pictures are fierce! I love how you both are feeding off each other :)
    xo TJ